May 1, 2008
By Jenni Spencer, Commack, NY

He dreamed of the impossible
Things that never really could happen
But I never bothered telling him that
He believed that anything could come true
And I truly admired that

He dreamed of being the king of the world
Free to do as he pleased
He told me how he’d eat ice cream
And watch a ton of TV

I stood there looking at him
Picturing his world
His imagination running wild
Unfolding in a perfect fairy tale

Lollipops for trees
And marshmallow clouds
Rivers made of chocolate
And gumdrops raining down

I watched him in amazement
Of this world he just created
I hoped he’d stay this way forever
Innocently dreaming away

But that was then, and this is now
He is no longer that same joyful boy
I watched him grow up into a wonderful man
And I saw how the world shot him down

Now there is hardly any life to him
You can no longer feel his presence in the room
And the light that he used to shine has faded
He is almost unnoticeable, completely ignorable
He has nothing left to say to the world that turned his dreams away

I long to see his smiling face again
And the twinkle he used to have in his eyes
I hope he can learn to believe again
I hope he can be happy again

When he gave up on his dreams
A little piece of him died too
Please, don’t let this happen to you

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