Go Ahead

May 1, 2008
By Shawn Mothershed, Terrell, TX

Closed off of the mind,
didn't need the lies,
You keep telling the truth,
But I don't listen,
can't go down that road again,
I tell myself that I haved moved on,
But I know i'm fooling myself,
And I keep leaving you,
Keep shutting you out,
You show me the way,
But I don't want to look ahead,
You tell me "go ahead",
"leave me again",
"I'll wait for you even if you don't",
"'cause i'll never love again"
"and you know I want leave you",
Seems like every road I take,
leads me back to you,
You give me another chance,
even though I don't deserve it,
And I keep loving you,
Keep wanting you,
I don't care what I say,
I'm in love with you,
I keep pushing you away,
I know it's not worth all the lie's,
But that doesn't stop me from
letting you in,
Go ahead,
I'm out of your heart,
You fell in love with him,
and i'm regreting it all,
I show it all,
and I keep loving you,
You showed me the way,
and I had to go ahead,
Had to move on...........

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