On That Night

May 1, 2008
By Wesley Lawrence, Independence, KS

On that night
When we first met
What a night it was
At that gala

She captured my attention
When she entered the room
Her presence was like none other
It was very graceful

Her hair shimmered
Like the stars in the sky
Her figure was more stunning
Than the vastness of the seas

Her eyes were captivating
The radiated depth of feeling
Like I had never seen before
Her smile had a luster
Like a diamond
Adorned by two silky red ribbons

Her gait was so elegant
As a swan
Her voice was as music
Falling so beautifully
On my ear

Her beauty was unparalleled
By any other earthly thing
Neither human nor animal
It was entrancing

Aphrodite herself could not compare
Nor Helen of Troy
The face that launched
A thousand ships
None could compare

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