May 1, 2008
Love is a feeling that we all go through sometime in are life. Sometimes that feeling is there forever other times it’s a like a fire or a tree. The flame is glowing like my face when you say I Love You, the flame last for weeks months maybe even years. The flame dies down a little every day we put more emotions in the fire like kindle so the fire will forever burn. Eventually there is no more emotion left to put in the fire so the fire dies like my heart does when you say it’s over. The tree changes like my love for you. Eventually leaves on a tree change to brown and they turn wrinkly and fall from the tree like tears from my face. They fall like a rain shower one right after another at first it sprinkles then they pour from my face. Love is deep don’t say I Love you unless you mean it don’t mess around with the feeling either. Either you Love someone or you don’t Love him or her.

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