May 1, 2008
By Kevin Summers, Huntington Beach, CA

Ah, yes, Bacon so fine,
Much more formal than wine,
I like them in bits,
O, don't have a fit,
I'll gladly share some of mine.

The bacon is cooking,
I can hear the sizzling,
I can’t wait,
A cruel twist of fate,
This is unbearable, I’m dying!

The wait time is done,
Oh, I want that one!
The best I saw,
Though I’d eat it raw,
Ah, yes bacon is so very fun.

The pile is starting to dwindle,
I start to just barely nibble,
I want it to last,
I ate it so fast,
Next time I won’t be so nimble.

The pile always comes to an end,
That rule can not, will not bend,
I must now wait,
For the next big plate,
Off go the moochers I no longer need to fend.

Although I eat it on occasion,
I do so love my bacon,
I hope and I hope,
To fat I will say “Nope”,
But the chance is not a good one.

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