Truth and Silences

May 1, 2008
By K Krzemien, Tucson, AZ

1. The brain is a polluted river
2. and the glasses on your nose are making it hard for you to see.
3. You’re seeing only white and black,
hearing nothing but silence,
feeling only needles,
smelling the remains of a fire,
and tasting only bitterness.
4. The blackness hurts and pains you but you must move on.
5. Her brain was dried up like a river in Arizona.
6. It wasn’t polluted.
7. Her heart was barely beating.
8. She checked to make sure she had a pulse. She still heard thump thump thump coming from the stethoscope.
9. The thump thump thumping must be coming from someone knocking on the door.
10. If you let the poor get poorer, things will fall apart. The simple things I didn’t understand.
11. The flickering light of temptation still gave us enough light to read books until midnight,
12. which in the end kept me as mellow as fireworks on he fourth of July.
13. We fell through the clouds and landed at the gates of heaven.
14. Fiona finally lost it. She just couldn’t take it anymore. It was the end for her.
15. Tomorrow will be better for all of us.
16. The perfect imperfection is found in all of us.
17. Things only make sense to me when it’s nine in the afternoon.
18. Je vous aime. They will say, but that’s what they all say.
19. And even if the lights dance all around you and red signs wave in your face warning you, you’ll believe them.
20. As the river flows down and cascades into a waterfall, flowing clear as glass you’ll know the truth.

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