She Was Taken From Him

May 1, 2008
She was taken from him at an early age,
mommy wanted revenge for all her lonesome days. So mommy yelled and screamed and fought, until daddy no more the little girl sought. Her mommy said to forget him, but she knew he was there, because daddy would never leave his little girl without care.
As she grew older and began to learn,
she wanted her daddy and began to yearn,
to be held by her daddy like other little girls. to have him run his fingers through her little curls.
Daddy would cry and wish and hope, to see his little girl smile that bright eyed grin. He didn't see an end to this horrible fate, so he picked up the phone and punched the numbers in, to say one final goodbye before he did himself in.
As mommy picked up the phone the little girl's eyes grew bright, because she knew if mommy yelled it was daddy alright. He begged and he pleaded for one little hello, and finally mommy stopped yelling "No!". So she stood up from the couch all mighty and tall, she knew just what she had to say, to maybe get her daddy back to stay.
She took the phone from her mother's hand and said, "I love you daddy and I miss you more every day." With the sound of that fragile, yet strong voice, her daddy began to cry, and her forgot that this was supposed to be his final goodbye.
If it wasn't for her love and devotion, daddy wouldn't be here today, and now she knows that he will always be here to stay.

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