True Friends

May 1, 2008
Day after day,
She sits and thinks about
Her closest friends
Whom she couldn’t live without.

She thinks they care for her,
While others say she’s wrong.
What if she believes the others?
Then where does she belong?

She’s tried the preps,
The geeks, the stoners.
The jocks, the nerds,
popular chicks and loners.

She didn’t fit in any category.
She just didn’t belong.
She felt hassled and uncomfortable.
She didn’t know what was wrong.

She thought maybe she should change,
And then it would all be fixed,
The problems she had at school.
With all the different cliques.

So she cut her hair,
Dyed it and straightened it.
Bought more make-up,
And used every bit.

She changed her attitude.
Her style, her clothes.
The way she talked,
What she exposed.

Her parents didn’t like it.
They asked her to change back.
To lose some make-up
That was completely jet black.

But when she heard them,
She just didn’t care
What they were saying
About what she liked to wear.

She would yell at her mom,
Scream at her dad,
Stomp on the floors,
While shouting “too bad!”

Her parents grew tired
Of the crying and the cussing.
The hitting and punching,
The kicking and fussing.
So one day,
When the girl was at school,
Her mother went upstairs
To set some ground rules.

She took a garbage bag,
And started to throw away
All of the things
That were to her dismay.

Out went the eyeliner,
The blush and lipsticks.
The sparkles and glitter
That caused so many conflicts.

The high heeled shoes,
The low-cut tops,
The short short skirts.
All of these things had to stop.

The girl got home
And went straight to her room,
Where she saw the change,
And then there was a boom.

She ran to her mom.
She yelled and fussed,
She kicked and screamed
And punched with powerful thrusts.

The girl had changed
Just to fit into a group.
And her appearance
Made here a dupe.

She began to act
The way she dressed;
Which was mean and scary
And rude and possessed.

It was Unfriendly and vulgar,
Intolerant and greedy,
Dishonest and offensive,
Hateful and needy.

Her mom sat her down
And told her the way she acted
Wasn’t exceptable,
Or attracted.

The girl was then confused
Why so many people liked her new style,
When her mother was saying
She looked better with a smile.
“You had great friends,”
The mom told her.
The girl then realized
Her old friends she did prefer.

After giving her mom a big hug,
She ran to go put on,
Her old clothes and attitude
Before running to the salon.

She dyed her hair back
To it’s natural shade.
And then decided to go
To the friends she had betrayed.

Her old friends she wanted back.
The ones that liked her for who she was.
They were always happy and loveable,
and sweet just because.

She banged on their doors;
One, two, three knocks,
When the door swung open,
She could see her friends long locks.

Without one word,
Her friend understood,
The difficulties of fitting in,
And finding where you stood.

And with one big hug,
The girl’s feelings told her,
That these were the people,
Who she would always prefer.

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