Letter of Hope

May 1, 2008
By Kevin Valentine, Herndon, VA

Hello mister I heard you can help me,
I’m ten years old and my name is Timmy;
Last night I saw you on the T.V.,
Saying that every question in life is easy;
So I have a question,
What is the answer,
When my families fighting,
And Momma has cancer;
She gets real sick,
And momma don’t need that,
Said she was leaving,
And don’t know when she’ll be back;
My dad is angry,
Says he doesn’t love me,
I know he doesn’t mean it,
But the words still bug me;
My brother has a temper,
Everyone knows that,
But he always loves me,
Even when he snaps;
When he gets violent,
I try not to see him,
There are things I would change,
But In a way I want to be him;
I’m tired of the fighting,
I’m tired of the tear drops,
Wish I could be a man,
And let all my fears stop;
So please can you tell me,
I’m ten year old Timmy;
Give me advice and I’ll watch you on T.V.,
And tell me how this life of mine can get easy.

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