May 1, 2008
Flashing lights, an unknown place,
I look to find a familiar face;
Stationed in a room as soldiers toast,
I cannot be heard or seen, I am a ghost;
From whose body is unknown,
One soldier lay alone;
His face was familiar but I cannot put a name,
For I don’t know my identity this observation is a game;
Their thoughts are mine,
As I can hear what they think,
The secret fear that they hide,
Through the amount that they drink;
The battle they talk of seems to be,
Evil place for men to see;
Twisted metal afloat in the water,
Many nights they all had pondered;
Is the fight for my country worth my life,
For what cost is freedoms price;
Lights go out for the moon grew high,
Fear of death was standing in everyone’s eyes;
The silhouette of the reaper would forever haunt,
For the pending death was there to taunt;
As morning approached I observed the lone soldier,
His hope seemed crushed by a gigantic bolder;
He knew the outcome of his mission,
But the fight was for freedom as he would always listen;
The commercials for an army of one,
Be all you can be,
He was to live by the gun,
And fight by the sea;
The flight to his coffin seemed to be long,
To calm there nerves the captain rambled a song;
The helicopter now approached the final destination,
They were to eliminate the crew for there was no preservation;
Bullets were flying faster then the eye could follow,
I could sense that the soldiers hope was hollow;
He kissed the picture of his family from back home,
Fought till the death what courage would go unknown;
I saw he was shot and his body fell to the ground,
My brain flashed and I was put into shock when I found;
The soldier that looked so familiar was me,
A tear fell from my eye I could hardly breathe,
The pain of watching my life beam before my death,
I felt empty in my body as if nothing was left;
Still I wonder was the mission for the best,
A light with a long tunnel I knew what was next;
I figured my judgment wouldn’t be so bad,
I raised my hand to salute the flag,
God bless America for the short lived life I had.

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