Life, Death, and Love

May 1, 2008
Life is like an hourglass
It flows and flows till it stops
And when that hourglass stops you stop
This is the factor of life.

Life is like the water in a waterfall
It flows and flows till it reaches the end
And when it reaches the end it falls
And when it falls your life falls with it

Life is like a dream
It goes on and on
And when your dream ends
And when those dreams end you lose all faith

Death is the shadow that follows you wherever you go
This shadow trails you for life
This certain shadow never leaves you and is always trying to catch up to you
When this shadow catches you it doesn’t let go

Death is the light at then end of a long tunnel
You wait knowing it will come
And it continues to come it closes in
And when it closes in it is closes forever

Death is the sun in the sky every morning
You don’t always see it but its there
And mostly it just creeps upon you
And when it does your dead

Love just eats
It eats away at you till you crack
When you crack you break
And when you break you fall in love

Love dances
It dances on you every time you think of it
It dances when you get closer to it

Love runs
It runs after you
And away from you
When it catches you, your in love

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