Trying to Figure Out Why

May 1, 2008
By Kris DeLorenzo, Aurora, CO

Trying to figure out why now that’s a tall order, The troops in them suits and they all warriors, See these ppl’s main focus is on immigration deportation and crossing borders, Not worried about money shortages, And just 2 get what they want their houses got 2nd mortgages, Not worried about gang violence, riots, All that going on no wonder there’s no silence, Ppl work so hard but their futures are never financed, see 4 special jobs you got to have the right man, A war of gods and titans and your sitting at the right hand, Everybody’s in the sand sinking ready 2 fall forward, Ppl are blind 2 the fight it’s all red and blue flashing by my eyes like the lights on a cop car, N if we all don’t unite then were never going to stop war, If it’s all 4 1 and 1 4 all then we should be all 4, All 4 a cause, 2 live by the laws, yet we keep fighting and apologizing 2 families about their loss, That’s where it stops are you blind open your eyes and start witnessing, Your ears may be open but that don’t mean your listening, If we were 2 show love and not lack we wouldn’t be where were at and if it wasn’t 4 that it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning, We got to stop dragging this all out and learn how 2 finish things, And live in peace, Because if we all keep fighting the only thing we’ll be doing together is being deceased, See my hands are out but they just can’t be reached, Everybody got to be headstrong because there’s no chance 2 be weak, You just got to keep going ‘til all your energy depletes, And until you face defeat live like you never lost, Because history always repeats and until we make a change and eliminate this hate and become 1 race it’ll never stop

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