I Would Like

May 1, 2008
By Ana Maria Higareda Refugio, Aurora, CO

I find really interesting that while we are kids we want to be grown up but then when we are grown up all we want is to be kids again.

I remember that on my Parenting and Child Development class I was reading the book class, The Developing Child- Understanding Children, and I discovered an interesting fact that has been with me since I read it. According to the book we stop being kinds when we turn eighteen years-old. Sometimes I don’t know what to think about that statement, sometimes I agree with it and sometimes I just don’t.

I ask my self how that statement can be true if some of us are forced to grow up and turn into adults even when we don’t want to but because the circumstances we live in force us to.

I would like to be three years-old
To not know what good or bad was.

I would like to like to be little
And believe that the world was impeccable.

I would like to be little
To be unaware of hate.

I would like to go back
And feel the love of my parents.

I would like to be little to only care About my parent’s appreciation
And be a stranger to rejection.

Sometimes I would like to be six years-Old to meet,
Once again, my first,
And only best friend.

I would like to be little to play Around with my siblings
And have ridiculous arguments with Them.

I would just like, wish, and hope
To be little just to feel happy,
To feel loved,
To have real friendship,
And to be or feel like an ingenuous Little girl.

But I’m not little anymore…
Now I have understood what my responsibilities are.
I have learned what hate,
And sadness feels like.

I can’t believe how the world can Change people;
I can’t believe how the world can Change me
And make me feel nothing at all.
Nothing at all,
That even sometimes I feel like my body
Is nothing but an empty shell
With no emotions in the insides
That it evens frightens me sometimes.

I would like to be little
And think that life is easy
And that nothing could harm me.

That’s what I would like to be,
That’s what I would like to believe,
That someday I will be little again.

Some of us will always end up on Wanting to be kids
While kids will end up on wanting to Be men.

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