I Miss You

May 1, 2008
I have to get rid of this pain inside of me.
Hurt to put you along with my other bad memories.
You and I have true love.
Love the simple things like the when you knit me a pair of glove,
Or the time we bake cherry pie in your grandmother old-fashion stove.
I’m glad that I was your cove.
Hate to put you away,
But you’re no longer here to stay

I’ll miss the time when you and I went to I-Hop to have breakfast.
My favorite luxury car was a Mercedes and your was a Lexus
I’ll miss the time when you and I were on the back deck.
The place I know that will never have a rain check.
The place where I told you that you were my beloved.
The place where you wish every moment of life was like this.
The back deck was the perfect place.
When I’m there, I always remember your beautiful face.

“I wanna be with you” was our couple song.
Love we had was not very long.
Overall I would like to fall in love with you again.
Vicious the tragedy was I try my best to mend.
Even try to do the dance swing,
Joy and laughter was what you bring.
Enough of you I could never have,
We try our best to divide everything in halve.

I miss you.
My heart was your accrued.
Show me love I never knew.
Help me get better when I got the flu.
On our wedding day there would have been a lot of ado,
And I would love to say I do.
There were moments in the relationship I would like to redo.
You were the one person that was never untrue.
Your initials would have been my first tattoo.
Part of our relationship will always be a taboo.
You’re gone and I feel blue.
When I was struggling you help me pull through.
Love to have snack with you because you always have different kind of fondue.
Then afterward we go out to a river and row around in your dad canoe.
For dinner you make great stew.
You then join me while I have my cigar and watch me make flue.
Your love was what I wanted to pursue.
Made black and white world brighter when you try to imbue.
Moving on I ought to.
I guess I better make my adieu.

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