The Large Grizzly Bear

May 1, 2008
By James Bassett, Berwyn, PA, PA

The large grizzly bear knew that he wasn’t supposed to eat the forbidden blackberries.
But he had heard such good stories about the succulent taste of the fruit.
There they were sitting right in front of him, he watched as the snow flakes lightly frosted the berries- they just looked that much tastier to him. He thought to him self nothing will happen if I just take a few of the berries. I can just eat only a few taste how good they are and then just go home. He decided to do it and he began plopping a few in his mouth. The juices busted and began to send a tingly delight throughout his taste-buds. He Chewed and swallowed the berries. MMM his stomach bellowed.

He walked along the snow. His feet make large footprints in the snow.
Soon after he began to feel a bit weird. His neck felt as though something was poking at it. It felt very uncomfortable. Than in the bear’s horror little stalks began poking throughout his neck. Blood began to flow steadily out the bear’s. His jugular vein had been cut by the stalks and he knew he was in real trouble. The forest had an eerie quietness as one of the areas mightiest creatures dropped to the cold floor covered in leaves and snow. The bear began to breathe very slowly. He was gasping for air. The crimson liquid from his neck was still flowing. The bear lied quietly as the snow fell upon him and he took his last breath.

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