Help is on the Way

May 1, 2008
By Erin Phillips, Radnor, PA

Help is on the way
When the smoke alarm goes off
Everything you own
Starts to burn away
Sirens are shouting in the dark night
The blazing flames
Starts to burn the next house
The out of control fire
Lights up the night
People gather to see the sight
Firefighters try to save the homes
But the fire won’t be silenced
For house the scorching heat never subsides
The sunrise is hidden
By the black smoke
The fire slowly dies down
All that’s left is
Ashes of memories

Help is on the way
When shots ring out
Scream, cries, and frightened children
Wonder what happened
Two dead parents
Leave behind their new born son
A mother cries
For the lose of her child
As the time passes
Help seems to take forever
Sirens are finally heard
Squad cars and ambulances
Finally arrive
Then the medical examiner
And the crime scene unit
Started to do their work
The news media arrived
Within a few minutes
People gathered wondering
Who did this?
And what happened
The loss of loved ones reaches family and friends
Funerals are going to be planed
For the short live of the victims
But life will go on
Even without them
You just hope they were still alive
And justice will happen

Help is on the way
When two vehicles crash
The injured wait and wait
Until help arrives
Pry bars come out
To rescue the trapped victims
Ambulances zoom off
To the nearest hospital
Lives of those who survived
Were changed for good
One is in a coma
Another is paralyzed
From the waist down
A child lost his mother and a father lost his foot
But they will live
To see the next day

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