The Why is Important

May 1, 2008
By scottie garr, Columbus, MT

When we write we spend a lot of time on the writing and we never spend anytime on the reason we wrote the piece. I think that it is not because we don't know why we write about what we write, but because we do not want to let other people know why write. There are many reasons why I do not spend much time on my reflections. I have given many reasons for this like no time, can't think, and I had no reason for writing it. I now realize that none of these are reasons at all but excuses for not doing what I had to do when I had to do it. When we write we do not like to imply that we are weak in our writings, but when we are giving excuse for not doing the work we show that we are weak straight forward. Just because you do not think that you should have to do something because it is not that big of a grade and it will not affect you that much does not mean that it is not important. Most of the time the things that are not said are more important than the things that are, but always remember the why is important.

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