Poetry, Forgiveness, and Idiots

May 1, 2008
By Nicole Book, St. Louis, MO

What is this?
Words with no meaning
When life keeps interfering
How can they sparkle
When there is no twinkle
In the reader’s eyes
When all they see are lies
In the form of words on lines
With a few rhymes?

Is there such a thing
As too much forgiveness
To one person
Who crosses that line with finesse
Oh too frequently?

Going down the path
Destroying their friendships--
By their unknown wrath--
Dabbling, trying to regain
Something that once was,
But now replaced by pain

There is a line.
It has been crossed--
Forgiveness is no longer fine
Words cannot fix
The torn seams
By your treacherous tricks.
Is there such a thing as forgiveness?

Stupid people.
Knowing what to do
But don’t
Only to get burned
In the end
By a so called ‘friend’
Stupid people.
Look how they stand back against a wall
Quivering afraid
Afraid to stand tall
And speak aloud
But, instead speak only
In their mind
Stupid people.

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