In High Spirits

May 1, 2008
By Elizabeth Vivino, Rockaway Beach, NY

The world is here, we’re running off with her!
Making the sunshine our chauffeur
Today’s the time! I think it’s true,
Tomorrow looks promising too!
My mental attitude is so simplistic
Consisting of being optimistic
When I see a puddle it is viewed
As an opportunity very skewed
The day is new, ask it to dance
For you may not have another chance
Happiness is a boomerang, you can’t keep it away
Sharing a smile, you’ll find it will not stray
Be honest with your self and you will find
The benefits of a vindicated mind
In many years you’ll sit with a photo album on your lap
And look back in a way you couldn’t recap
The possibility twinkling in your grin
Shadowed by the concern of being thin
I promise you’re not as fat as you deduce
Wasting away happily with substance abuse
What we assume, we become
Believe nothing no matter where from
Empty pockets seem such a pain
On the way to work you got stuck in the rain
At lease you have pockets and a pair of pants
And now you don’t have to water the plants!
Happiness requires arrogance to prefect denial
And strength to carry out the trial
The world is here, hot off the press
Don’t waste the day, its running express!

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