May 1, 2008
By Michelle Metellus, Jamaica, NY

They've been together for 5 long years
we’re just talking so who really cares
He's kind of single so you want him more
How could you do this to her?
You've been best friends since the age of four
He has that sexy love that's hard to resist
He had me from hello with a smile and a kiss
I wish I could turn that emotion off for him
But its hard when he kisses and caresses my skin
It’s his fault as much as it is mine
Can't turn back now you put your heart on the line
Curled up together like two dogs on a rug
You sigh in relief because you think you've found love
Its ten o'clock and the loving is done
Because you're demoted to two and she's back as number one
He called you sweetie instead of Dana and you thought it was all the
You should have known from the start he couldn't remember your name
He's completely taken you must have forgot
Choosing you over her you clearly had no shot
So forget the I love yous’ and “shorty come through”
Because he realized what he had and it wasn't you
To him you were something to do like coloring in a book
You held your breath and closed your eyes and a risk is what you took
Now you're alone untitled cast to the side
You loved him so much and he didn't even try
Walking on temptation and slipped into a crack
The hardest pain to deal with is loving someone that doesn't love you
You made him a priority, ruler of your world
What did you expect? This guy had another girl

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