I'm Good

May 1, 2008
By Samora Steffany, Long Beach, CA

lay'n, cuddle'n, laugh'n, smile'n...
a constant nightly routine i've been enjoy'n recently
while thought'z is excite'n-me, righteously, as you finally lay here beside-me
i rest so peacefuly, 'cuz da ease-you-bring, cause'z-me to sleep easily
and if it seems-to-be that i'm anxiously dreaming of you constantly?
then honestly, it-must-be that i-don't-need to approach you cautiously
juss to let you kno', i'm good...'cuz rye now,
i'm gett'n-real-close to say'n-what-most can't, but i'mma be real 'n' let-you-know,
that-i-don't mind say'n that-this-flow between us had me hook'd from-the-get-go
'n' i'm glad that-we-took this from, "indeed-how-it-should" instead of, "wat-if-we-could?"
'cuz you don't have to ask anymore...
"poppa'z, i'm good."

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