Not For Me

May 1, 2008
By Samora Steffany, Long Beach, CA

went again tonight in search for that light that was my guide to paradise…

…wait'd for that sight but faith sigh'd 'n' gave up on him come'n bacc into my life

the world'z weight in chain'z that i drag by my heart everyday…

…my head hang'z low 'cuz my eyes are too afraid to run into his name

misery stalk'z me, taunting the love i foolishly believe'd was the real thing…

…now hearing his voice bring'z my eyes to tear'z that burn'z violently

ain't been the same since he decide'd not to stay with me fo' the rest of my day'z…

…with him gone, i begin to fade away, even my shadow become'z a bit faint

the mirror'z no longer able reflect the person i use to call myself…

…a wrecc i am, with no life value left to take another step

i open'd my mouth about to say the last thing you said before walk'n out…

…but now my voice find'z no reason to make a sound

stupid, i play'd this love game before know'n i'd end up bacc to square one...'z juss i thought it'll be different 'cuz i stay'd loyal to you then i have wit' many'some'z

now i'm concluding that my heart will be like this eternally...

it'z meant to be, love'z not for a girl like me

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