Leaving the South

May 1, 2008
By Darron Ranger, Poughkeepsie, NY

Racism is still alive,
in this world of greed and hate.
It breathes upon its elders,
preached by white holy saints.
It lurks between the innocents,
and draw tears beneath their face.
Its heard with silent outcries,
before whips and nooses chose my ancestors fate.

Can You see where I'm coming from?
Can you understand my pain?
Some may relate,
but our struggles are certainly not the same.
I almost gave up my life,
to end the miseries,
brought on by the day.
I once put razors upon my wrist,
and watched the blood drip until it rain.

Knights in white Satin,
look into my eyes,
beyond this seldom face.
How can you hate me,
if you don't know my name?
How can you call me a n*****?
If we bleed and conceive the same?
How can you judge me by my color,
and look pass the intelligence,
created by my brain?

If the past cant change the future,
then i am a legend,
placed in history.
If my seed is spawned,
and the world is still the same,
then they too will be cursed,
in the ignorant society..

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