Child 13

January 12, 2012
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Mother Leeds gave you life,
Her 13th child.
Far less than pleased, she got on her knees,
And screamed
“This child could be the devil for all I care”
Someone was listening,
And granted her wish
Be them something above or below,
For you, 13th child, came as a devil
With cloven hooves and wings and all

Only weeks after birth,
You ate your siblings,
And your mother and father,
And fled
Into the Pines,
The Pine Barrens,
Making your nest at the Gates of Hell,

Rarely seen,
Hideous queen
But in 1909,
You did shine

Showing yourself,
To thousands in only a week.
An amazing feat,
Leaving tracks on roofs and flying over towns

Getting shot at,
And not being phased,
How do you do it, devil?

Scaring people,
Attack trolley cars,
O, hostile Child 13

Though seen,
So many times,
Your still a figment of legend,
And none do know,
Your species,
O, legendary Child 13

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