Colors in action

January 12, 2012
By , prospect heights, IL
Orange yells at me with
its bright and vibrant hue.
An exciting color that just
jumps out at me whenever I see it.
Is one of those loud and sometimes

obnoxious colors.
The color of my walls.
Walking in and my eyes go
straight to my walls.

White soothes me with its
innocent and light color.
A clean color and a color of
The color is everywhere,
But the first thing that
May think of a cloud,

Yellow always so bright and happy.
Reminds me of sunshine.
Joy, happiness, energy…
Always so mellow.

Red like the color of the ISU Redbirds.
Color of power, strength and love.
A sense of warmth and passion.
Stop sign, red traffic light.
Attracts peoples attention.

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