As I Cry on My Bed

April 30, 2008
By Kira Schenk, Livermore, CA

As I cry on my bed
And I think of what happened today
My sister feels she is dead
She says it’s because of me, and I said no way

She told me that I hated her and that’s why she feels the need
To express her self in such and horrible way
She sits in her room and makes herself bleed
To make up for her dreadful day

I think to my self, I am not that hard on her, am I?
I am a good big sister
I wonder why as I lay there and cry
I think of her and how she must feel, how she must be one big twister

I don’t know what to do
I can’t talk to her, I can’t look at her
Everyday I feel really blue
She is now just a big blur

My mom says, I need to tell her how I feel
That I can’t keep all of my feelings bottled up like this
What happened is a very big deal
And I need to go give her a giant kiss

I don’t want to talk to her, but my mom makes me
We sit in our living room, but yet no words are spoken
I say in my head, ready, one, two, and three
And burst out crying and told her how she broke my heart

She tells me why as we both cry
I tell her I am sorry and she says the same
Now our eyes can rest and dry
We both agree that playing with razors is not a game

So if you think, in someone’s eyes, you might not exist
Talk to them and see how they feel
Because the wrong way to go, is to cut your wrists
And that is no way to heal

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