January 12, 2012
By smith1 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
smith1 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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It was just a normal day.
My friends and I were out to play.
We were all just having fun.
Running and jumping in the sun.

We started to climb some rocks and trees.
We chased away a bunch of bees.
Suddenly, I slipped off a tree trunk.
And bumped my head on the ground with a thump.

My head was hurting.
Blood was splurting.
No one would help me.
It was like they didn’t even see.

My friends acted like nothing was wrong.
Even a second seemed really long.
There was blood dripping from my head.
It felt like I was dreaming on my bed.
Everything was blurry.
Every movement a flurry.
I stumbled home alone.
Every step caused a moan.

It seemed like a year.
But I was finally got here.
When I knocked on the door.
My head hurt more.

When my mom answered.
I told her what this was about.
She hurried me to the car.
And said the hospital wasn’t far.

She took me to the doctor.
I had to get some stitches.
Soon I was all well.
The cut, you couldn’t even tell.

I thought about what happened.
I knew what this was teaching me.
Although they might be agony.
There’s nothing but your family.

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