I'm Afraid to Open My Eyes

April 30, 2008
By Jessica Phillips, Valrico, FL

I'm afraid to open my eyes
For this world has abandoned all colour
All I see are shades of grey
Black and white figures consume me
Dragging me into the darkness
Into the blackness of the abyss
A single hand reached out and pulled me back
Blue eyes saw right through me
Eyes as myterious as the night
Though the stars can't compare to such beauty
Hold me tight
As my tears become oceans
Break me out of this grey world
So I may dive into the Blue
Love me as your friend
Though I may love you more
The Blue to my Brown
The Purple to my Red
The Silver to my Gold
The path to you is a field of roses
I'm shredded by the thorns
But the scent of your flower
Is always worth the pain
Your Blue flames have melted
The ice encasing my heart
Something more than blood
Flows through my veins
The Blue has given me a reason
A reason to live
A reason to love
A reason to breathe
A reason to feel
And is the only reason I open my eyes
Just to see the Blue one more time

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