Sleep Tonight

April 30, 2008
By Monica Maciel, Chicago, IL

Don't cry as you sit there and
wonder why.

and now how your sad.
yet your mad and you try.

Runaway, through out the pain,
then die.

you said you swore in
the awakening eye.

you sigh and loose
yourself inside.

It's not your time
to run and show em'.

You can learn to survive
you can lighten up inside.

When you dies -smile-
never wonder why?!

It's not imporant anyway
he don't matter he cant stay.

Sleep tonight dont stay awake...
or else my love

Your life will sake.

Take a stance, please dont care.

Cause your love he cannot

Hope you slept because it's rite..

Dont stay up - please
Sleep Tonight!

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