Wrong Choices

April 30, 2008
By Evan Floyd, Kokomo, IN

If I had just stopped to think,
My life would be changed in that one blink.
My freshman year I did not cave,
But my innocence I finally gave.
My dad disappointed, my mom crying,
facing regret, from my lying.
My friends are scared; they think I'll tell
But I stay strong though I've been through hell.
After two days my mom is not sad,
Now she's disgusted, furious, and mad.
I guess I did it because I thought it was cool,
So people would talk about me, in our school.
And they did, the word spread fast,
I knew my notoriety could not last.
My dad found out, and he did not condone,
All I have left is being alone.
I thought you would like this, though I made a wrong choice,
But I still wanted you to hear my voice.
My fun is all over, and I am not proud,
I long to settle back into the crowd.
My life has now changed, For I got caught,
For being different, for smoking pot.

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