It's A Place To Go

April 30, 2008
By Natalya Daoud, Cincinnati, OH

It’s a place to go and see history
A place to visit the family
A huge city of people from
All over the Middle East
Amman is it’s capital
A city of fun and happiness
The weather is great, hot in the day
And breezy at night
Sometimes the chill would give you
A fright
It’s an amazing place to spend the
Maybe I will live there, I wander
From five in the evening till 12 at
People are out in the streets
Having fun and are so alive
Hanging out with the family
Going to dinners and lunches and
To the malls was a blast
Sometimes I look back and say
I miss those times
I mean what can I say,
Jordan is like a second home to me

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