December 23, 2011
I come from the land of the shining waters,
Where sky's candle bleeds red and protects your daughters,
I promise that I'll be there for you,
If fame pays me a visit, then I'll save Herot from doom,
But no one seeks the struggle behind my gaze,
To fight like a man in my father's days,
I'll slay a dragon, slash a monster's face,
Lead the people out of this bloody daze.
God willing, they'll call me a hero,
I'll hold my breath forever for the existence of my people.
I've sailed the nights, explored strange lands,
Reached Herot and tied my boat to the sand.
Gleaming armor, in my youth, I remained steadfast,
Reciting my lineage and my heroic past.
I would die for these people, the one's in the distant hall,
Rebuilding all their ruins is all that I saw.
And that very night, I had slain evil with Hrunting,
The tears and arm of the monster Grendel.

But such wealth and fortune were not yet in my name,
I must defeat Grendel's mother for the prize of fame,
The water witch was mine that very night,
Seized her by the shoulders and threw her out of sight.
I decapitated her head as a token of victory,
And placed it where all of the citizens could see it.
I ruled the land of Geatland for fifty years,
Rebuilt it with my own blood, sweat, and tears,
But at last now, my time has come,
For one last battle, "poison will pour from his tongue."
I'll prove my strength with no weapons hereafter,
Slay a dragon and hear their laughter.
But, all good things must come to an end,
Behind a heroic leader, I am just a man.
Wiglaf and I had killed the beast,
But I'm mortally wounded, soon I'll be deceased.

They'll praise my good deeds and sprinkle water upon my face,
Send me away on the water with a glass case,
A tower in my honor will keep the legend alive,
But if you feel the tears of heaven, you know my soul is up high.

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