Homeward Bound

December 22, 2011
By suzyqgirl777 GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
suzyqgirl777 GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
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Out of the dirt, out of the sand—
Rise from the darkness to this new land.
Scratch the lid, fingernails scrape for
Leave. Heave with one breath, bore
One way out through mahogany wood.
Concrete cage—break through the cracks. Could
The sod come up, green grass destroyed,
This disparaged avaunt make Mother Nature void?

Climb up through past years tumbled
Down low, crawl through memories jumbled
By Death. Stand up and walk
Past headstones crumbled here; Lock
Secrets away, for no one knows you there.

Towards trees walk on edge where
Salvation awaits. Keep towards the horizon true
Where sun sets to everlasting blue
Seas. Soar through forests
Laden with flowers dying in poorest
Conditions. Melt into meadows browning
Across vast expense; your Crowning
The world cannot delay on this day.

Push onward, ignore how destruction lay—
Nothing may be done until
Glory melds with will.

Reach the waters, board the ship,
Sail off towards home, rip
Earth away from life. This strife may
Only be resolved when dusk slays day:
Lean out on the deck, great arms extended
Give Life back to the world, only lended.

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