Poetry, a zoo of inspired ideas

January 10, 2012
By tigerlily2 BRONZE, Holtwood, Pennsylvania
tigerlily2 BRONZE, Holtwood, Pennsylvania
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Poetry takes the form of a zoo in the creative mind of the author.
A home for unimaginable and unique notions,
cared for and sheltered in hopes of preservation, memory,
and perhaps dreams and wishes of release.

Inspired by the world in which they found their origins.
Confined to cold metal cages in the crevices of the mind.
Held and sustained there for their protection,
Or for future enjoyment, completion,
or even contemplation.

Each concept or image, an animal of its own breed.
No two of these have the same exact characteristics,
But often they spring from separate parts of one Kingdom.
Not by the name Animalia, but Creativity.

These animals take all forms and shapes and sizes.
All patterns, colors, and skins.
Some are loud, ferocious, and quite wild.
Others calm, quiet, and incredibly tame.

This zoo of creative ideas,
kept for the recreation and enlightenment of the world,
displays each of these ideas in perfect disorganization.
A taste of every part of the world,
in a tiny piece of the mind.

it’s own assortment of wild animals
Every time, carefully combined.

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