April 30, 2008
By Jessica Bovo, Brooklyn, NY

A smile
A stare
A glance
A smirk
As we pass
On the street
In class
On the train
Among friends
Among enemies
Among acquaintances
Among strangers
My whole life story
All your problems
All his failures
A lawyer
A teacher
A doctor
Their eyes are not giveaways
Their pain is not transparent
Their wounds are well hidden
Their acting is infallible
They have given all there is to give
All that is left or only the start of it
On the other hand you may think you know me
But I’m not who I pretend to be
I hide and protect the things that hidden deep
Things you can not see with one glance at me
Promises and secrets made long ago, that I still keep
Scars and wounds underneath it all
You can never understand the reasons why
You may try and say you know me
But I know for a fact that’s a lie.
One thing we all have in common
We have no idea what’s written in each others diary

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