Everyday As I Walk the Streets

April 30, 2008
By Megi Asllani, Brooklyn, NY

Everyday as I walk the streets,
All the people that I see,
Have an original point of view.
And I being to think
Of all the problems and misery
Every individual may face.
Sometimes I wonder
How big my problems really are.
Others face the deaths of lost ones,
Or many other tragic incidents.
Than I see myself.
I worry about my hair
Or more so my clothes.
I worry about shopping,
Or more so my social life.
I worry about make-up,
Or more so my shoes.
I’m beginning to realize,
The importance and value of life.
I thank God for my doctors
Or more so my health.
There’s many things I don’t take advantage of,
But that’s the reality of life.
As things come and go,
I watch them pass me by.
Instead I should be,
Walking the paths that
help form the shape to my future.
Life is all about the choices you make,
Not about the voices or steps
People influence you to take.
I’ve learned how to stand on my own two feet,
And not depend on anybody else
For my own needs.

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