January 10, 2012
All there is to worry about
is contained in that house
fears, dangers, hatred
love it is without

That house told me, "no, no
we are far from the world
all around evil roams
here you are safe"

Seventeen years I tried to believe
their lies: the problem must be me
it didn't work; I left
unafraid and free

My house is surrounded by sirens
all is calm inside
I cannot walk outside alone
but I'm not afraid to leave my room

I called my mother today
we spoke for the first time in a week
she said all the appropriate words
cold, unforgiving, a freak

On the bus home
a man yelled and sweared behind
the voice of my father before he'd hit me
I ducked; he was on the phone

In the tunnel station
a black four year old excited
she told me all about her new toy
happy now; I knew not her next move

Crossing the street to my house
I told myself, "that strange man will walk past me"
he did; I won one battle
reteaching myself the world is safe

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