Never Forgotten

April 29, 2008
By Jasmine Stephens, Farmington Hills, MI

As the two year anniversary rolls around
I can’t keep myself from wearing a frown
For all the love, laughter and fun we shared
I’m sad to say is no longer there
It’s the anniversary of my grandmother’s death
So the memories we shared are all I have left.
From days at the mall spent searching for barrettes
To the days we spent in front of the television set
To the nights we spent talking about our lives
To the mornings we spent eating French fries
To the days I was little when she taught me how to count change
To the weeks we spent playing card games
To the day she accidentally burned me with boiling water
To how she always treated me as if I was one of her daughters
To the funerals we attended and cried our eyes out
To the days after she died and she was all I could think about
How I’ll never forget how good she was to me
And to how we always laughed, even if nothing was funny
No matter how long it’s been or old I’ve gotten.
My Grandma Ann will never be forgotten

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