Turn It Inside Out

April 29, 2008
turn it inside out like a sweater pulled over your head
shuffle it like a brand new deck of cards, fresh from the plastic
throw it like a frisbee, gliding through the air from the powerful swing of an arm
flex it up and down like the bill of a new baseball cap
drag it along the asphalt like a bright pink piece of sidewalk chalk
let it hope, like a promise you're meant to keep
hook it around your finger and shoot it across the room like a rubber band, stretched just right
let it become connected, like two pieces of soft fabric, married with a cross stitch
bounce it up and down like a yellow speckled rubber ball
throw it like a fluffed, white pillow in a spontaneous pillow fight
let it play on and on like a record player, every once in a while hearing it skip a beat
let it feel, like skin smooth and warm from a day under the sun
do all of these things to your very own heart, and you will know what it has been to love you

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