One Life Game

April 29, 2008
By amanda larkin, Purcellville, VA

I can’t play this game anymore
Because it is way to risky for me
You see in this game you have only one life
And when that life is gone
You go with it and never return
Sometimes I want to fall
Just fall and go away
But then I remember about
All the people I love
And the ones that love me
This game has no back button
You can only go forward
Except that doesn’t work for me
In all the good parts of the game
I just want to press pause
And stay there as long as I possibly can
But in this life it isn’t possible
So I decide to stop playing this game
Take no risky chances
Only living my life to its fullest
Hopefully I won’t go back
I’ll try my hardest not to
There are no guarantees for now though
Except that I will try my hardest.

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