My first day of school

January 11, 2012
By Nickolas Van Avery BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Nickolas Van Avery BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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First Day of school

My first day of school

I was so nervous my first day of school. As soon as my mom pulled up to the school to drop me off for my first day, my heart started pounding, I felt chills going down my spine. And I was extremely nervous that the other high school kids were doing to make fun of my hair because my mom thought it would be cute to do my hair for my first day.
It made me look like I was some kind of greaser or something. I remember all the stories my sister used to tell me about the people that get bullied, I didn’t want to be that kid. But she also told me all the stories of how fun high school is and its going to be the funniest years before you go off into college. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to find my classes, that id be stuck in the hall ways and look like a complete looser. But once I found my classes I felt like I could remember them. My palms were sweating my heart was racing I felt like I never was going to fit in with all the other high school students. But now that I look back on it I shouldn’t have been scared at all.
The first couple days were actually pretty good. I found all my classes, I got along with all the other high school kids and made many new friends. All the teachers were nice and not evil like all the other high school students talked about. I actually started off the year pretty good. Now that I look back I should have never been as nervous as I was.

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