April 29, 2008
By Eleni Koukoulas, Commack, NY

As a warm, gentle breeze blows against my hair
I know that spring is here and cuts the winter chill
Flowers opening and revealing all of the beautiful colors
Just like a rainbow after a brutal thunderstorm

Spring is the time for new beginnings and new lives
Baby animals are being born and starting a new life
Lambs with their fluffy wool and chicks with their yellow fuzz
Life is a gift and should always be treasured

The warm spring sun beats down upon the blooming earth
As I lay on the ground, I let the spring air engulf me
The scent of cool, fresh air and damp earth is refreshing
The trees whispering along with the whistling wind

Rainy days come, with teardrops pounding down from the dismal sky
It is nature’s way to show that they are not in a pleasant mood
Heavy, puffs of gray float across the sky
Crystal clear teardrops fall and hit the ground with a shatter

Spring brings new beginnings
It is a stunning time of the year
The Earth is being reborn
Under a blanket of green.

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