How I Feel about You...

January 10, 2012
By , Windsor, CT
When you say hi
Heat soars around my cheeks, my hand
Yearning to take yours.
Catching my breath every time you smile
And never giving it back.
Never could I see us apart for
Timing is absolutely perfect. I need
Your hand intertwined in mine so please
Open the doors of your heart and let me in for there is an
Undeniable attraction that should not be ignored.
Signs as magnificent as fireworks on a fine
Evening. Moments so
Energetic and breath taking that
Time seized and the
Hours felt like minutes.
Anything felt like the would stopped for us. The
Touch of your skin makes my day.
Interestingly enough I can't stop
Laying out my life for you to gaze
In hopes you see the real me.
Kindness made me
Enveloping my senses to be beautiful.
You would never imagine that
One of your best friends would feel this way and
Usually I don't

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