Big Girls Do Cry

April 29, 2008
People always say big girls don’t cry but that
Is just a figure of their imagination.
The truth is we can’t always pretend to be
Completely together, sometimes we need to let it out.

Everyone cries at some point in their life
Whether they’re around people or by themselves
It’s if they have the will power to hold in
All of the tears that need to be let out.

Just because people cry, doesn’t mean their weak
In fact crying means your strong because
That means your not afraid of what people
May think and you want people to ask.

Life isn’t about pretending to be something that
Your not even though most of us do.
Not all of us are willing to let people into
Our minds so they can say they understand.

Most people just lie when you open up to them.
They want you to think they know what your
Going through so that maybe you’ll feel better
But little do they know you know the truth.

Sometimes our tears are our only way out
They’re what makes us who we are even
When were pretending to be something
That we will never be in a million years.

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Bree14 said...
Mar. 17, 2010 at 4:45 pm
Great job!!! I love it.
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