The universe

January 7, 2012
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Thousands of stars,millions of galaxies,
Some of you know that what are these.
One of them twinkles,one of them shine
One,two,three,four and there goes all nine.

Far from the earth,there is a pool.
That is called galaxy,isn't it cool.
There is a planet with a ring around him.
My father told me that Saturn is name of him.

There is a planet,That is called Mars.
It seems like it is hitted by a war.
This planet has a lot of war scar.
Its surface looks like that it is hitted by a mortar.

Stars unleash a huge stock of light.
They make good show when it is night.
Stars have light that is so bright and bright.
But when a star explodes,you should sit tight.

There is a black hole which is so mysterious.
Listen to me carefully,don't be so curious.
It eats planets and galaxy.
By eating them he feels so happy.

Meet pulsar,he never stops.
Will it stop,we should hope.
It will stop when it is destroyed.
Maybe by a droid or an asteroid.

Meet constellation,it seems so wondrous.
It never appears when sky is full of lightning and thunderous.
They make a human or an animal figure.
It seems me like pasted stickers.

Meet sun,he controls every planet.
Sun is similar to a red blasting grenade.
His solar flame can evaporate us.
So don't try to hide in school bus.

All these things are in universe.
It is like a lovely nurse.
But it can destroy all these,
If we underestimate the power of universe.

The universe is formed with a big bang.
Then almighty power suddenly sang a song.
He sang the song with a glitch.
After that song,there came the planets,The humans and the dog and the b****.

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