Dearly Departed

April 29, 2008
By Ali Cohen, Rockvulle, MD

Dearly Departed,
Do you know where my heart is?
I'm heartless and indifferent and that is what the worst part is.
I once had a heart and now it seems I've finally lost it.
We've grown apart and I'm not concerned enough to see what's caused it.
I once had compassion but now it seems that I don't.
I can't fix this but it's not so much as ‘I can't" as "I won't".
Your tears used to fall and I'd run to save them,
I'd do my best to rid them of the sorrow you gave them.
Now it's your tears that run and I'd be the one expected to fall,
But I'm undisturbed by it cause I hardly care at all.
I'm trying to write this all down but there's no way to say it.
I'm trying to write this all out but there's no way to explain it.
This falling out was unplanned and yet it began by the faults caused by you
So this letter's Sincerely Signed By
The Best Friend You'll Ever Lose

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