It Was a Long Way Home

April 29, 2008
By Emily Gruber, Ashland, OH

It was a long way home
That Friday night
I had given up
I had stopped the fight
No one at home had known what I had done
That my emotions had taken over
They had finally won
Nobody at school knew I felt alone and scared
Because no one had the backbone to say they really cared
I was being tortured inside and out
Sometimes I just needed to talk, scream,or shout
But I didn't
I kept it inside of my poor little heart
Wishing someday, someone would play their part
By helping me see the good that I could do
Instead of being compared to how dumb I am to her
Or how ugly I am to you
Just looking over the edge scared me but I knew
never again would they talk behind my back
When they did this a giant stick hit my heart
With a giant thud and crack
Tears rolled down my face
And with an awkward kind of grace
I jumped
It was a log way home
That Friday night
I had tried to keep alive
Tried with all my might
But I was alive more than ever
As I reached my real home
Because I realized now and forever
I would never again feel alone.

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