The Dawn

January 8, 2012
A constant force envelops me,
Unwavering and strong;
Each step of mine a victory
To waves that touch the dawn.

A salty gust pervades my lungs;
Another calls me near.
Each foaming finger soon becomes
Swiftly entangled here.

The rushing ripples rose before
To carve intricate webs
That boldly claim the stretching shore
So this dominion spreads.

The sunlit tide is beckoning,
Erasing my own prints.
Its gentle touch is pulling me,
Inviting me—come in.

This faithful sand surrenders
As the ground inhales the sea.
These rocks, like dying embers
Settle stoic, still, serene.

The earth beneath my feet breaks free
As inward we are drawn—
For, joining the same boundless sea,
I too can touch the dawn.

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