Minnesota Gophers

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Have you ever heard about the Minensota Gophers? Neither had anyone else till this season. In the past years they had been terrible until something changed. They became a team. They bonded together. This is a story of how 52 players can bond together to make a team.
It was a typical day in Minnesota. It was Humid sunny and just miserable. Minnesota was in the middle of a normal Tuesday practice without pads. The coach sat and watched drop pass after dropped pass. He was tired of it. He called his team and frantically yelled “I want a winning season.” If we try and work hard nothing will stop us. All the players worked hard the enxt day. They were totally working so much better.
No more dropped passed or fumbles almost the perfection. They were high-fiving clapping and getting excited. The coach felt pride in his players. He knew they would have a good season.
It was a week from the season everyone was getting ready. They knew it’d be a blowout. They played a good game, lots of players got playing time and had fun. The crowd got into the game. Cheering everyone on and yelling loud. Touchdown after touchdown Eventually the score was 63-17. They were the kings on campus and everyone was excited to see them.
A few weeks later they were still winning. They won every game by a big amount. The next game wasn’t so good they made mistakes a few fumbles, but still won. They had a practice the next day, but still kept their heads high.
The next game it was pouring no one wanted to play they were just depressed about the game. They went out to the field to warm up. They came back in dripped trying to keep their mind on the game. The couch sat down and just said try to play the game without noticing the rain. They went and played a very hard game and won.
After the game the quarterback come on for a interview, face beat red, tears welling from his eyes. He said you will never see another team play as hard as we will. The team heard this speech and agreed with him. They were excited about the interview and were very excited. They played good the rest of the year.
It was then last game of the season. They were undeafted and ranked number two they were going to the national championship but if they lost they would know what would happen.
The game was over they won big 56-7. They were so excited they made it to the title game. They were playing lsu. Lsu was favorite. Minnesota was not going to back down. They went out played there hearts out and won 28-24.
They went undefeated. They changed peoples thoguhts they went from terrible to amazing. They proved you don’t have to be the best to win.

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