What I Learned

April 29, 2008
You taught me how to pray
how to offer up my soul
with all its flaws
to a power greater than us
in more than a recitation.

You taught me how to stand
how to bravely show my face,
no matter how marred
to let the world know
what I thought in honest words
even if it set me apart
because you knew what it meant
to be different.

You taught me how to cheer
to smile at life’s daily miracles
and to recognize an opportunity,
an opportunity to laugh
because it’s important
to celebrate the good,
even in the midst of life’s storms.

You taught me how to listen
because there’s music
underneath the world’s pain,
hope for better days after our time,
and to understand the troubles
that plague this world
so we can apprehend
the task we face.

You taught me how to change
to be granted forgiveness
then move on
because the past is a tunnel,
a tunnel that can be left behind
as we enter into the light at the end
we know as life,
full life, without regrets, or worry
a life that appreciates blessings,
the simple blessings
we tend to over look,
blessings that help us change,
blessings with names
of family members that complete us.

But most of all, you taught me
that there really is a heaven,
because where else could you be?

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